Rent a concession machine for your party

Elevate your party with a concession machine – cotton candy, sno-cone or popcorn. We provide everything!

Cotton Candy Machine Rental Bellingham

Cotton Candy Machine

50 servings

Full-Day Rental Rate:   $55
1/2 gallon of floss + 50 cones

Popcorn Machine Rental Bellingham

Popcorn Machine

40 servings

Full-Day Rental Rate:   $55
Kernels, oil & butter + 40 portion packs

sno Cone Machine and Cart Rental Bellingham

Sno-Cone Machine

40 servings

Full-Day Rental Rate:   $55
1 flavor (cherry or blue rasp.) + 40 cups
Ice not included. Three 10 lb bags required for 40 servings

Our Rental Equipment is
Cleaned, Sanitized & Disinfected
After Each Use.