Bounce house rental and delivery service

No running around. No stressing about step-up. No exhausting clean-up. We do it all for you.

Rental Delivery:

Rental & Delivery Confirmation

After you book your rentals online, we will follow up with you via phone or email to confirm delivery time and location as well as pick-up time.

We will also cover other details as they relate to your specific rentals – operations and servings for concession machines, preferred syrup flavor for sno-cone machine and attendant /supervision needs.

Rental Set-up

Inflatables will be delivered and set-up by one of our staff members. Units will be inflated at time of set-up to ensure proper function before we leave the site. If you do not require immediate use of the inflatable, you can turn-off the blower until your guests arrive.

Concession machines and supplies will be delivered and placed in desired location (near power). They will not be turned on at the time of drop-off. You will need to turn-on the machine prior to use. Staff will provide basic directions on operation before they leave the site.

Tables and chairs will be delivered and placed near the party area. You will need to set-up and place your rented tables and chairs in your desired location.

Access to Power and Water

We will need access to power within 50′ of where the Inflatable will be placed. We provide one 50′ extension cord with each Inflatable. If your power source is further away, plan to provide additional power cords.

Power is also required for concession machines and speakers. We do not provide extension cords with these rentals. Please make sure you have extension cords on hand or the ability to place units near an electrical outlet.

If there is no power on site, we have a generator available for rent.

If you opted to “add-water” to your slide, you will need access to a hose bib. We provide 50′ of hose with your “add-water” option. If you need additional length, you will need to provide your own hoses to make up the difference.

Area Cleaned and Cleared

Please remove all debris from area where Inflatable will be placed prior to our arrival. This includes, low hanging branches as well as anything on the ground. Inflatables range in height from 15 feet to 25 feet. Low hanging branches can often be an unforseen problem for the taller Inflatables.

Rental Pick-up:

Scheduling Pick-up

We will schedule your pick-up time during your delivery confirmation call. Please respect the arranged pick-up time. We cannot accommodate last mintue requests for extended use of rented items.

Inflatable Pick-up

Please have everyone out of the bouncer when our staff arrives for pick-up. We will deflate and pack-up the inflatable.

Customer Clean-up Responsibility

Tables and chairs should be cleaned off and ready to be loaded in our truck upon our arrival. Please do not wait till our staff arrives for pick-up to start clearing off the tables.

Concession machines should be turned-off and unplugged prior to our staff’s arrival.