Rental rules and safety procedures

Your wellness and safety is our top priority.

Patron Participation and Supervision

Inflatable should always be supervised by an operator, attendant or responsible adult while it is inflated. A comprehensive list of rules and guidelines are provided in our rental agreement.

Inflatables Thoroughly Sanatized

We spray the whole Inflatable with a disinfectant that is rated for bacteria and virus specifically. It is a compound similar to what is commonly used to disinfect wrestling mats and other athletic equipment. It is far better than a normal disinfectant, and is specially formulated for sweat and other bodily fluids. 

Extreme Weather Precautions

Inflatables are not safe to use during severe weather conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, etc…). If conditions are not too severe, we will give you the option of keeping the Inflatable.

If weather conditions worsen while the Inflatable is in your care, evacuate everyone from the Inflatable then turn-off the blower.

Lessee Responsibilities

Lessee must take responsibility to make sure that there is adult supervision of the Inflatable at all times.

Lessee has control of the Inflatable after it is delivered until the time it is picked up again by Royal House Jumpers, and therefore must ensure the safe operation of the Inflatable for the safety of all patrons who utilize it.


Lessee agrees to that they alone will be responsible for the safe operation of the Inflatable, and shall indemnify Royal House Jumpers for claims and/or lawsuits arising from any accidents, injuries or damages of any kind arising from the use of the Inflatable sustained by the Lessee or any of Lessee’s guests.

Protect Inflatables From Harm

The following items should be kept away from Inflatables at all times: silly string, slime, sharp objects and water (if renting a dry unit).

Royal House Jumpers is Insured by the CIA

Our Rental Equipment is
Cleaned, Sanitized & Disinfected
After Each Use.